Objectives And Vision

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The main objective of the institution is to develop and to  provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal Education that has social relevance  to endorse legal and ethical values and  to promote the rule of law and the objectives of our constitution .In addition , the college strives to disseminate legal knowledge, legal awareness and to play a  role in national  development ,thereby improving the ability to evaluate and present contemporary issues of general interest and their legal significances for the public .The aim of these process  is  to achieve political, social and economic Justice.

With globalization gaining pace legal practitioners require practical information enabling them to identify critical issues likely to affect our day to day life; we require the conversion on Economic, Political technology and Law. Some of the internal issues in the country are:-

  • There is a need of assimilation of fractured social classes.
  • Cumulative economic progresses need to reach the various layers of society to create a development index which is fair & equitable.
  • Transparent and speedy Justice is the need of hour to reinforce the faith in rule of law.

Our honest effort is to renovate Legal Education into training in Justice . Everyone in this institution should be reminded and remembered for the promotion of social justice which will be a great contribution to our  society. Our vision is to make Legal Education as Justice providing Education and to make it  an instrument of Justice for Socially, Politically & Economically backward classes by making  our Law graduates competent in the art of advocacy both at trial and appellate level and also to equip and skill them in Judicial Administration .Students of this college will be nurtured in such a manner as to make them such professional who will be competent ,technical and socially relevant and will be transformed in a way so that they may uphold the constitution and deal with new challenges to the constitution of India.